Trending Bathroom Ideas

I am currently working on numerous bathrooms, all in the building phase.

Therefore dealing with the clients as well as the latest trending tiles have inspired me to write my first blog.

There are so many current trends trending right now, so I have decided to narrow it down to my two favorite ones.

The Subway Tile also known as the Metro Tile:

This gorgeous, simple and very classic brick looking tile is so versatile, not only in colour, but it can be laid in many different ways. It comes in endless amounts of colours, where white is mostly the most popular one.

They are available in glossy or a matte finish, depending on the space of the bathroom, they both have their pro’s and con’s. The glossy tile which is also the more traditional tile gives the bathroom a clean and sterile look and feel. Light bounces more readily off the glossy tile, therefore creating more light in the overall bathroom. Whereas the matte tile absorbs more light, and creates a warmer feel.

Then you also get plain and beveled. If you are looking for a timeless more modern appeal then the plain tile is the answer. It will remain in style for longer due to its simple aesthetic. The beveled is however more unique due to the depth and texture it creates, therefore making it more interesting to look at. It can however get a little busy if used in a large space, and tends to confuse the eye, but that all depends on style and preferences of the client.

Grouting is not something to overlook. If you are looking for a clean and simple look, the white grouting is to be used. For a more timeless look use light grey grout. And for the more daring client, who follows the “either you love me or hate me rule” then a dark grey would look contrasting and fabulous.

The Subway Tile, which can also be found in glass and marble is a timeless classic, so no matter the texture or colour it is paired well with my second favorite tile, the Spanish Tile. Whether it’s used as a feature wall or on the floors, the Spanish Tile can meet the plain client as well as the more daring client. It all just depends on how much of it is used in the space. It’s refreshing, classic and has an alluring charm to it. Available in various patterns, this tile just adds a feeling that you have longed for.


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