Concept/ Moodboard Examples

I sometimes find that my client’s or prospective client’s do not understand what a design concept is.

Therefore, here is just a brief explenation as to what it is and looks like.

A design concept or moodboard is based on the client’s brief, where I present either existing or new furniture.

Once I have met with my client. After the initial meeting I do a rough moodboard, with colours, and images of what I envision the space to look like. It’s more about the look & feel. At the next meeting, the client can make as many changes as he/she would like, and then I go back and plan the finer details of the concept.

Here are a few examples of concepts, where I have sourced new furniture for the client, wallpaper, scatters, and lighting. I am going to use their current carpets, but have not yet seen them all in storage, therefore I have not added them to the concept. I have done a tile and lighting presentation prior to the concept, so that my client can visualize the rooms with me.

I cannot wait to share the final images with you, once the project has been completed.

The Lounge, Dining & Fireplace Area:


Bar Area:


Movie Room:


Children’s Lounge:


Patio Area: 



Cherize x

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